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Emergency Dentist Treating Ephrata

Dental emergencies deliver pain, stress, and discomfort. Whether you or your loved one are experiencing dental damage, facial trauma, severe toothache, or other emergencies, it’s essential to keep calm, assess your situation, and contact Ephrata Family Dentistry right away. We are happy to provide same day dental care for emergency patients whenever possible. On the phone, one of our knowledgeable team members will also ask questions to help you determine the urgency of your situation, and we will provide you with first aid and pain management tips until you arrive at our office. Dr. Sean Moriarty, Dr. Justin Ngo,  and Dr. Liam Register are typically able to treat patients right away during dental emergencies, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to provide same day dental care for emergency patients whenever possible.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

When patients contact us in need of urgent dental care, we are happy to take them at their word, but many patients find themselves unsure whether or not they’re experiencing an emergency. A good rule of thumb is to contact our team even if you just think your situation may be an emergency. Chances are it is, and if it’s not, we can schedule a regular appointment and walk you through at-home care over the phone. If you’re still not certain whether you should give us a call, review the following list of common dental emergencies:

First Aid and Pain Management Tips & Tricks

If you experience any of these common dental emergencies, we encourage you to contact us right away. We can walk you through first aid over the phone, but if you would like to be ahead of the curve, we invite you to review the following simple steps you can take during dental emergencies:

Contact Ephrata Family Dentistry – Lancaster County’s Best Emergency Dentistry Practice

When patients visit our office experiencing a dental emergency, our first step is to relieve any pain or anxiety for the patient. Once patients are comfortable and at ease, we carefully examine the damaged area, and walk them through the treatment process. Our team has the experience and skill needed to provide advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry solutions to renew the full form, function, and appearance of patients’ smiles no matter how severe the damage.