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Preventive Dentistry for Ephrata

Preventive dentistry checkups and cleanings at Ephrata Family Dentistry and daily at-home hygiene are the keys to keeping smiles whole and healthy. Without this solid foundation in general dentistry, patients are much more likely to experience advanced dental decay and damage. From the very first moment they arrive at our Ephrata, PA dental practice, patients are made to feel right at home. During your first appointment, you’ll meet with one of our caring dentists, Dr. Sean Moriarty, Dr. Justin Ngo, and Dr. Liam Register. You should expect to spend a little extra time with us during this initial visit. We recommend patients plan for at least 90 minutes in our office. This gives our team time to carefully assess your oral and overall health history, thoroughly examine your smile for signs of common concerns, clean your teeth, and discuss ongoing care creating a treatment schedule to meet your needs. Contact us to find out more or schedule your first appointment today.

Preventive dentistry checkups and cleanings at Ephrata Family Dentistry and daily at-home hygiene are the keys to keeping smiles whole and healthy.

Dental Cleanings & Exams

At Ephrata Family Dentistry, we believe that oral health should be one of our patients’ top priorities not just because healthy smiles look, feel, and function better for patients. Optimal oral health also makes it easier for patients to keep their whole bodies healthy because they are able to consume a variety of healthy foods and properly aligned, whole, healthy teeth also prevent other concerns like TMJ dysfunction and gum disease that are linked to numerous whole body health issues. Visiting our office for checkups and cleanings every six months offers patients three main oral health benefits:

Children’s Dentistry

little girl at dentistAs your family friendly dentist in Ephrata, we’re happy to work with patients of all ages, including young children. Our friendly manners and welcoming atmosphere help even the most nervous kids to feel at ease!

Shortly after your child’s first tooth appears, bring them in for their first ever dental appointment so we can check to make sure their smile is developing normally. We can also give you some advice on how to care for your child’s new teeth and tender gums. As your child grows up, trust us to clean their teeth regularly and coach them on how to stick to good habits at home. These routine appointments will help them establish a trusting relationship with their tooth doctor and make them more likely to have a positive view of dentistry.

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Dental Sealants

dental examDental sealants are thin plastic coatings that we place on the chewing surfaces of permanent teeth (specifically, the molars and premolars). They create a barrier between the teeth and all the food particles that might otherwise get stuck on them. Placing sealants is a painless process, and it usually only takes a few minutes to seal each tooth.

We often recommend sealants for children who already have their permanent molars; this simple preventive treatment can go a long way toward stopping cavities and getting your child’s smile off to a healthy start in life. Adults are also eligible for sealants. They might be especially advisable for you if you have deep grooves in your teeth that make it challenging for you to achieve a thorough clean when you’re brushing.

Fluoride Treatments

happy dental patientFluoride is a mineral that serves two main purposes in oral health. When it is ingested, the body uses it to build new teeth. We sometimes recommend that children take fluoride supplements in order to give their new teeth a healthy boost. Fluoride can also help to remineralize teeth that have already erupted — that is, it can replace tiny bits of enamel that get lost through everyday wear and tear. Children and adults alike may both be able to benefit from topical fluoride treatments.

Some patients have expressed concern about the potential negative effects of fluoride, but this mineral is actually essential for promoting strong smiles! The American Dental Association considers it safe for use in dentistry, and as long as it is used in the proper amount, there is no need to worry that fluoride could damage your health or that of your child.

TMJ Therapy

Do you experience chronic pain in your jaw, joints, or face? What about headaches that simply won’t go away? You could have TMJ disorder. This disorder affects between 5% and 12% of Americans, and it can occur for anyone at any age. Problems with your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, can cause pain, soreness, and a host of other problems if it’s left untreated. Thankfully, at Ephrata Family Dentistry, our team is experienced in treating TMJ disorder. Read on to learn everything that you need to know about this disorder and how we can treat it.

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