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Restorative Dentistry for Ephrata

While we work hard to help patients of all ages keep their smiles whole and healthy for life, there are times when even the most diligent preventive dental care may fall short. When this happens, we encourage patients to contact us right away. The sooner we get started putting your smile back in place, the more conservative our treatment options can be. Our team of dentists are all experts who complete ongoing training in advanced procedures each year, which has allowed us to offer comprehensive treatment for those with even the most damaged smiles. Schedule your restorative consultation to get started down the path to your optimal smile health today. As part of your consultation appointment, Dr. Sean Moriarty, Dr. Justin Ngo, and Dr. Liam Register will perform a complete oral health evaluation. From there, we develop a treatment plan that allows our patients to achieve and maintain their healthiest smiles.

Schedule your restorative consultation to get started down the path to your optimal smile health today.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Patients may need a dental crown in a number of situations including decay or trauma with more damage than can be repaired with a filling or other more conservative procedure, to protect teeth following root canals, as part of dental implant or fixed bridge (a series of connected dental crowns anchored to surrounding healthy teeth) tooth replacement, or even to conceal purely cosmetic flaws. We offer dental crowns crafted from a variety of materials depending on patients’ needs or budgets including gold, porcelain bonded to metal, all-ceramic, and zirconia. When you visit our office, we’ll evaluate your smile, and help you decide which of the available materials will best repair your damaged dental structures. Regardless of material, we guarantee the highest quality dental crowns for lasting, durable results for every patient we treat. Explore our dental crown and bridge tooth replacement page to find out more about this versatile dentistry solution.

Root Canals

Patients in need of root canals often hesitate to contact our office or dread their treatments as root canal therapy has a reputation for being painful. However, these treatments significantly relieve toothache pain associated with irritated nerve tissue that precedes the root canal procedure. Patients who have severe toothache, sensitivity to changes in temperature, dental discoloration, or sores or inflammation at the gum line around a specific tooth, should contact us immediately as these symptoms may indicate root canal infection that effects the innermost pulp layer where the nerve of the tooth is housed. We try to see patients in need of root canals immediately in order to prevent additional damage.

When patients visit us needing a root canal, we will carefully drill an access hole through the top of the tooth, remove the damaged tissues, replace the extracted pulp and nerve with a similar substance, and seal the tooth. We may also place a dental crown over the treated tooth to protect and fortify the damaged structures.

Tooth Extraction

While we do our utmost to keep smiles whole, there are circumstance where extraction is the best option to maintain patients’ oral health. When this is the case, we’re happy to offer comfortable, safe tooth extraction in the comfort of our state-of-the-art Ephrata, PA dental office. The most common reasons for tooth extractions include:

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