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Maximize Your United Concordia Coverage

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Do you have United Concordia dental insurance? If you are among the fortunate individuals who have this coverage from your employer, we wholeheartedly encourage you to use it. Your policy is a precious asset that can help you receive essential preventive care at little to no out of pocket cost. It can also serve as a financial safety net if you ever need major dental treatment. The team at Ephrata Family Dentistry is ready and eager to help you use your plan to your greatest advantage.

United Concordia Coverage Availability & Fees

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United Concordia is one of the largest group dental plan providers in the United States. They focus on helping employers provide robust benefits to their valued employees. When you signed up for benefits at your workplace, you may have had a few different plans from which you could choose. You may have chosen a PPO policy. You will need to check the specifics of your policy to learn the details of your coverage. In general, however, the coverage for PPO plans works something like this:

  • Preventive care (cleanings, exams, etc.): 100% covered
  • Minor restorative services (fillings, simple extractions, etc.):70% - 80% covered
  • Major services (root canal therapy, crowns, etc.): about 50% covered

Keep in mind as well that your plan likely has an annual deductible, a waiting period for certain services, and an annual maximum (the most that United Concordia will pay out for approved services within a calendar year). Since we are in-network with United Concordia, we are used to dealing with the nitty gritty details of their plans. Hence, we are in the perfect position to help you understand and maximize your benefits. For example, we can suggest that you schedule your treatments in a way that lets you take advantage of multiple annual maximums, and we can thoroughly explain how your coverage does and does not apply in particular situations.

Another big advantage you can enjoy when you visit an in-network United Concordia dentist is that you will likely have to pay less out of pocket than you would at out of network providers.

United Concordia Employers in the Ephrata Area

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Several employers in our area offer United Concordia dental coverage to their employees:

  • Arconic, a lightweight metals engineering and manufacturing company
  • Armstrong World Industries, a company that designs and manufactures walls and ceilings
  • Ephrata Borough, our borough’s local government
  • QVC, part of the popular shopping network

If you work for any of the above employers, or another company that offers United Concordia insurance, be sure to talk to your HR rep about your benefits. After you sign up for dental coverage, visit our team so we can help you get the most out of your policy. Your smile and your budget will both benefit when you take full advantage of your dental insurance.